Parts of sporting bikes

We offer all kinds of parts of Sporting bikes, like spin bikes , elliptical traines, Magnetic bikes, Air bikes, Stpemill. Forged & welding assembly which parts including Shaft for B.B. parts, carnk parts. Cotter or cotterless,B.B. Set, One piece crank, sporting hubs, Shaft support bars, handle bar base,bottom brakcet tubes, shaft for bearing,  steel cranks and chainwheel/platse, crank & shaft set.Pully (V.PJ.PK.PL type) rear bearing hub. shaft set. stainless-clad steel tube, materila: stainless+steel. Other kinds pully , AI forged parts. Shaft & forged. material:steel.S45C.SCM415.Bearing mandrel, Mandrel plate set,Support plate / Chainwheel,Cushion handle holder,Transport wheels, crank group.etc... All the parts can be OEM. just offer your designs and drawings. We will do the best service for you.