Balance Board

Using a Balance Board as a key fitness tool has taken a long time to make its way into the mainstream. For decades, balance training has been an integral part of physiotherapy and advanced athletic training. In the last few years, however, the general fitness community has begun to embrace balance board training as a means to become fitter, stronger, less injury prone and better at sports. Multi-function Balance board, Height Adjustable Blance board, High level Balance board, Waist builder posture balance board, Balance board with Puller. Mage Balance Board. Weighted Blance board. Compact Balance Board. Durable nonslip surface balance board, Massage PVC balance cushion with handle. Inflatable PVC Fitness Balance cushion. Air cushion PVC massage balance cushion. Sedge cushion. Wooden balance board, Pilates balance board, Pilates balance training step. Balance training step with puller.