Carburetor system

Motorcycle Carburetor system

APM carburetor well assured engine speed no less than rated speed value.

Motorcycle engine carburetor

APM Carburetor be made of zinc-alloy steel or alloy steel on which be design protective layer, & non-metal components be high resistance to oil. The total process procedure and finished units be up to highest standards:

Carburetor performance:

APM carburetors be sealed well to prevent any leakage of gas oil in all existing connection points.

APM carburetors be tested under vibratory condition to assure durability, and be tested under heat and cold environment to assure high resistance to shock.

Carburetors be clean to assure engine be started smooth by the means of carburetor chock devices and starting settings. Carburetors transmission performance assure no backfire and flameout phenomenon, even in shifting from different load. Carburetors assure engine actual speed value within or exceeding rated value.

Carburetors must satisfy motorcycle racing in complicated road conditions.