Starting Motor Assy

All Staring Motor ASSY  are under rigid quality control before shipment and with High quality and reasonable price. We can offer the parts according to your samples and specification .

We can produce other models as well.

1.  SYM motorcycles: AF18/D10/KBN50/GS7/SY125/RV150/PARTY-100/RX110/M92

2. KYMCO motorcycles:KBN100/KDU/G3/G4/GY6/DINK150/250/JR/G5

3. YAMAHA motorcycles:JOG50-3XG/JOG90-4DM/BWS-4VP/125-5TY/100-5PD/CT50/4CW/RX125/V80/VINO-5ST/BWS125

4. SUZUKI motorcycles:AN125/SWING125/LETS


Starting Motor Assy

Starting Motor Assy