Hi-Flow air filter

On ther road, there have much of dirt, grime, and other airborne crud on the roads (or off the roads!) which, if ingested by your engine, could spell terminal damage. Here we’ve gathered good quality air filter  to help your motorcycle breathe as best it can be and extend the eigine life. KYMCO PEOPLES 250. /PEOPLE 300. KYMCO LHJ3-G6. KYMCO 150 LFB5.KYMCO KEC6. B9A-T1/T2 NEXT250.KYMCO LIKE200. HONDA MSX125/150. KYMCO LEC8. YAMAHA GTR-1P3. 5ML CYGNUSX. KYMCO LKG7/KXCT 300. KYMCO DINK150. KYMCO LEG5 PEOPLE GT300i. YAMAHA 1DK SMAX155. YAMAHA 5S9 BWS125. KYMCO KHE7 DINK250/B&W250. KYMCO DOWNTOWN400/XCTING 400