Hi-Flow air filter

APM's advantages of a High Flow Air Filter,  its major advantages is performance enhancement of your motorcycle. As a High Flow Air Filter allows more air to enter the engine intake system in a time period compared to your regular filters, the fuel gets more air to burn. Even though the conventional air cleaners are capable to give you a smooth riding experience, the high flow air filters take that to a whole new level. If you are tired of trying different air cleaners for your Harley, it’s time to look for a high flow air filter.Well, as the name goes, an air filter filters the polluted air that goes into the engine to boost torque and power eventually. When a cleaner is clogged, it greatly impacts the overall performance of the engine. Conventional purifiers get clogged frequently and easily which is troublesome.Kymco People 250/300. KYMCO LHJ3-G6. KYMCO 150LFB5. KYMCO KEC6. B9A-T1/T2 EXT250/KYMCO LIKE200/HONDA NSX125/150. KYMCO LEC8. YAMAHA GTR-1P3. 5ML CYGNUSX. KYMCO LKG7/KXCT300. KYMCO DINK150. KYMCO E5 PEOPLE GT300i. YAMAHA 1DK SMAX 155. YAMAHA 5S9 BWS125. KYMCO KHE7 DINK250. BMW250. KYMCO. DOWNTOWN400. SCITING 400.